Christian Page
Position: PhD student, MSc
Phone: +47 230 79025

Address: Oslo University Hospital, Research Unit for Neuroscience, Domus Medica II, 2nd floor, L-268, Gaustadalleen 34, 0372 Oslo

Christian Page has a Master degree in Statistics from the Mathematical Institute at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where he studied time dependent gene expression in gastric cells.

PhD thesis in Statistical Methodology in Genetics: "Biostatistical analysis of Multiple Sclerosis data"
The focus for the PhD project of Christian Page is to perform statistical analysis of genetic and epigenetic data related to MS. Currently Page is involved in development of methodology for analyzing genome wide DNA methylation.

Main supervisor: Bettina K. Andreasen (MSc, PhD, Cancer Registry of Norway)
Co-supervisors: Hanne F. Harbo (MD, PhD) and Benedicte A. Lie (MSc, PhD, professor at Department of Medical Genetics, Oslo University Hospital).

Research interests:
• High Dimensional Data Analysis
• Functional Data Analysis/Non-linear Regression
• High Performance Computing
• Monte Carlo Modeling
• Bayesian Hierarchy and Message Passing Algorithm
• Meta-Analysis
• Statistical Decision Theory (CART)


Publications 2016

Meersmans J, Arrouays D, Van Rompaey AJ, Pagé C, De Baets S, Quine TA (2016)
Future C loss in mid-latitude mineral soils: climate change exceeds land use mitigation potential in France
Sci Rep, 6, 35798
PubMed 27808169

Publications 2012

Cheaib A, Badeau V, Boe J, Chuine I, Delire C, Dufrêne E, François C, Gritti ES, Legay M, Pagé C, Thuiller W, Viovy N, Leadley P (2012)
Climate change impacts on tree ranges: model intercomparison facilitates understanding and quantification of uncertainty
Ecol Lett, 15 (6), 533-44
PubMed 22433068

Publications 2003

Lamontagne L, Pagé C, Larochelle R, Magar R (2003)
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus persistence in blood, spleen, lymph nodes, and tonsils of experimentally infected pigs depends on the level of CD8high T cells
Viral Immunol, 16 (3), 395-406
PubMed 14583153