Katharine Williams

Publications 2016

Chua ME, Silangcruz JM, Chang SJ, Williams K, Saunders M, Lopes RI, Farhat WA, Yang SS (2016)
Desmopressin Withdrawal Strategy for Pediatric Enuresis: A Meta-analysis
Pediatrics, 138 (1)
PubMed 27343233

Publications 2014

Gleason JM, Daniels C, Williams K, Varghese A, Koyle MA, Bägli DJ, Pippi Salle JL, Lorenzo AJ (2014)
Single center experience with oxybutynin transdermal system (patch) for management of symptoms related to non-neuropathic overactive bladder in children: an attractive, well tolerated alternative form of administration
J Pediatr Urol, 10 (4), 753-7
PubMed 24477421