Alina Coman
Position: Ph.D candidate, Master in psychology
Phone: +47 92 66 51 37

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Publications 2016

Sas C, Coman A (2016)
Designing personal grief rituals: An analysis of symbolic objects and actions
Death Stud, 40 (9), 558-569
PubMed 27603436

Publications 2014

Coman A (2014)
Emerging Technologies in the Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa and Ethics: Sufferers' Accounts of Treatment Strategies and Authenticity
Health Care Anal (in press)
PubMed 25183320

Coman A, Skårderud F, Reas DL, Hofmann BM (2014)
The ethics of neuromodulation for anorexia nervosa: a focus on rTMS
J Eat Disord, 2 (1), 10
PubMed 24690315