Gunnar B. Kristensen
Position: Senior consultant, MD, PhD
Phone: +47 22 93 56 90
  • Born in Denmark 1946.
  • Medical Degree in 1972 from University of Århus, Denmark. 
  • Passed the American ECFMG examination in 1972.
  • Received basic clinical training in Denmark followed by specialization in gynecology and obstetrics. Received board certification in gynecology and obstetrics in 1982. 
  • I Worked at the University Hospital of Odense in Denmark from 1982 to 1989 with special interest in surgical gynecologic oncology. 
  • In 1989 I decided to work full time with gynecologic oncology and took a job at the Norwegian Radium Hospital where I have worked since as consultant.

Early in my carrier I was interested in genital infections and carried out several studies on this topic. Also I was interested in the development of precancer and cancer of the squamous epithelium of the female genital tract. This interest led to a more general interest for gynecological cancer.

I have had a steady scientific production of articles related to squamous cell neoplasia. I have published about diagnostic and treatment related aspects of cervical preinvasive and invasive neoplasia and a great number of articles related to HPV and cervical neoplasia. 

In recent years I have been working on studies on how to improve the efficacy of treatment for cervical cancer and at the same time reduce the morbidity from the treatment. These efforts have to a great extent been successful as evidenced by the increasing survival figures from our institution. As an example, I have introduced fertility saving surgery for early cervical cancer in Norway. Presently, we are running several studies to improve the detection of tumor spread outside the cervix at time of diagnosis, to predict prognosis and to predict the risk of late radiation damage after radiation for cervical cancer. In theses studies we are using themost modern techniques, such as PET scanning, dynamic MRI scanning and up-to-datelaboratory techniques with microarray technique, CGH and relevant protein analysis techniques.

I have been supervisor for several PhD students doing thesis work on both cervical cancer and ovarian cancer. The work on ovarian cancer has partly been clinical research and partly laboratory based biologic studies. 

Since 1998 I have been president of the Nordic Society for Gynecologic Oncology, which is acooperative group engaged in clinical research. The society partly runs protocols of its own and partly international protocols developed by other groups. In this period, the organization has developed into a professional, internationally recognized Clinical Trials Organization.

I am author of 145 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals and of 19 chapters in books.
I am principal investigator in GOG ( the American Gynecologic Oncology Group) for the Nordic countries.

I am reviewer for the following scientific journals:
Lancet, Gynecologic Oncology, Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand, Cancer Letters, International Journal Gynecological Cancer, Critical Review in Oncology, Exper Review Anticancer, Molecular Diagnostics

I am member of the following scientific organizations: 
Nordic Society of Gynecologic Oncology, International Gynecological Cancer Society, American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO), European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO), European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer-Gynecological Cancer Cooperative Group, Scandinavisk Selskap for Gynekologi og Obstetrik, Norsk Forum for Gynekologisk Onkologi,


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Publications 2017

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Publications 2016

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Publications 2015

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