Vivi Ann Flørenes

Development and Progression of malignant Melanoma

Group Leader:<br>Vivi Ann Flørenes
Group Leader:
Vivi Ann Flørenes
The group consists of one senior scientist, two PhD students and two technicians.

The main objectives is to identify and study new biomarkers important for development and progression of malignant melanoma as well as the impact of cell-signaling, proliferation and cell death on anchorage-independent growth.

In addition to the melanoma work the senior scientist and technicians have during the last year had the responsibility to build up a new laboratory and establishing an in vitro technique to test tumor response to chemotherapy. This has been successful and we have to date tested tumors from around 75 patients with ovarian cancer.

We have, moreover, been involved in the work of Dr. Ben Davidson and the group leader has functioned as a co-supervisor for the PhD student Lilach Kleinberg. The collaboration has resulted in 5 published papers (Kleinberg L et al., Cancer 2007; Davidson B et al., Clin Cancer Res 2006; Kleinberg L et al., Virchows Arch 2006; Davidson B et al., Clin Cancer Res 2006; Ødegaard E et al., Gynecol Oncol 2006