Clinical Research Group in Emergency Radiology and Abdominal Radiology

J.B. Dormagen<br>Group leader
J.B. Dormagen
Group leader

The group develops and evaluates diagnostic imaging methods and protocols for a wide spectrum of patients with acute abdominal and oncological disorders. The main target groups are trauma patients and other emergency patients and patients with abdominal malignancy. The group consists of experienced senior radiologists, fellows in radiology and residents with interest in research. We have international collaboration with the UW Medicine Harborview Radiology, Seattle, USA and University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

Ongoing projects:

  • Triple contrast bolus in trauma patients with abdominal injuries. Evaluation of new trauma protocols. (Johannes Godt)
  • Evaluation of different radiological modalities in patients with colorectal cancer and suspected liver metastasis (Anselm Schulz)
  • CT texture of liver metastasis. A new postprossessing tool (Anselm Schulz/Soniya Javid)
  • Radiological procedures during the terror attack 22.7. 2011 (Victoria Young)
  • Evaluation of texture analysis in patients with cerebral lesions (Karoline Skogen)
  • Evaluation of a new MR method for detection of early rectal cancer (Ellen Viktil)
  • The role of MR in detection and follow-up of anal cancer (Bettina Hanekamp)
  • Dynamic ultrasound with recorded cine loops. Skills mix between radiologist and sonographers (M Gaarder)
  • Radiological TNM staging of cancer of the upper abdomen
  • Evaluation of effect of Cisplatine treatment in patients with metastatic breast cancer with contrast enhanced ultrasound and CT texture analysis (Johann B Dormagen)
  • The role and effect of angiography and embolization in patients with severe pelvic trauma (Multicenter study, Johann B Dormagen)

Contact information:
Johann Baptist Dormagen, MD, PhD; Unit for Oncological and Abdominal Radiology; Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine;PO Box 4950 Nydalen, NO-0424 Oslo, Norway;Tel: +47 23016488, Cell phone: +47 47709097; Email: