Functional MR Neuroimaging

Group leader<br>Atle Bjørnerud
Group leader
Atle Bjørnerud

Functional imaging has become an integrated part of neuro-MRI over the last decade due to advances in MR technology and analysis methods. The main focus of our group is perfusion analysis of brain tumors with the overall aim of providing better tools for early, accurate diagnosis and monitoring treatment response. Further, the group is involved in developing new non-invasive perfusion techniques (arterial spin labelling, ASL) for repeated perfusion analysis of cortical and subcortical structures in a variety of disorders including Parkinson’s disease, dementia and ADHD. Trough interdisciplinary collaborations the group works on different aspects of brain perfusion imaging from basic research and technology development to large scale clinical trials.


  • SAILOR: prospective study for development of imaging biomarkers for early detection of treatment response in glioblastoma patients.
  • EMBRACE: multi-center study for evaluation of new analysis methods in primary brain tumor diagnosis and follow-up
  • LOOPS: novel MR based technology for non-invasive assessment of tumor microvasculature and oxygenation
  • RSI: Novel diffusion MRI techniques for improved tumor detection and characterization
  • ASL: non-invasive perfusion analysis in white matter

Group leader

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