Cardiovascular surgery and advanced distributed learning

Jacob Bergsland<br>Group leader
Jacob Bergsland
Group leader
The group is involved in development and research related to minimizing and improving therapy for cardiovascular disease. Simultanously the group is working in the field of advanced distributed learning (ADL) an essential part of future medicine, for health care providers as well as for the general population.

Research profile
The Main Focus of the group is:

1) The Group has several active projects. A large OUS based study focuses on outcomes of patients going through Transcatheter aortic valve implantation. Another project is endovascular aortic interventions. A third project is repair of mitral regurgitation by Mitraclip. These three projects are performed together with the Departments of Thoracic Surgery, Cardiology and Radiology. A development project done together with the University College of Oslo´s School of Engineering is developing a new Catheterbased instrument for Mitral valve repair.The group is participating in many Internationalresearch constellations focused on implantable sensors and actuators.

2) The group has been main partner in international development projects of technological and medical character. Together with partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina an E-Health portal was developed ( ). The project was funded by the Ministry of Foreign affairs. A project for advanced simulation training of endoscopic surgery and a corresponding E-learning portal is in progress together with SimSurgery, a company based in Oslo.

3)The Group is participating together with the Technology Section a large R&D project within Electronic Engineering funded by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The group's long term goal
The group’s long term goal is to develop and test new minimally invasive methods of cardiovascular therapy, and improving health care by developing sensors and tools for on-line medicine.

Contact information:
Group leader Jacob Bergsland, MD, PhD, The Intervention Centre, Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet, Tel: +47 23070100, E-mail: